Sophie’s Kitchen is a small cafe located amongst 3 school centers in the small town of Röthenbach an der Pegnitz, in the nearby of Nuremberg, Germany. The cafe is run by a bunch of lovely chef chimpanzees who are delighted to cook and serve their daily fresh food to youngsters between 8 and 17 years old.

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Every second month starting in spring 2016, Sophie’s Kitchen will house talks from designers, illustrators, engineers or athletes… The aim of these talks is to inspire students about their future careers, and give them the chance to get in touch with real professionals and develop their inquisitiveness.

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The main eye catcher of the space is probably the 200×150 cm framed illustration of Sophie, the master chef of the kitchen, and her colleagues. An artwork illustrated by the german illustrator Philipp Zurmöhle. Some other display illustrations belong to the Spanish illustrator Ana de Lima, a Galician illustrator who represent the best of the Galician seafood and nature with a very colorful style.

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The concept and the design of the space is entirely made for them: a “community table” with an integrated screen where they can show and share their presentations or videos, free internet connection with phone and laptop chargers, paper rolls with markers and drawing tools… Or inspiration and design books are some of the elements to enhance that sense of community outside the school.

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Another element of participation and community is on the Instagram Column, a column with 12 empty frames which will be filled every month with the winner pics of the Instagrammers who decide to participate in their “inspire-aspire” competition.

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Concept, interior design & brand identity by Markmus Design.
Philipp Zurmöhle:
Ana de Lima:

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